Are You Due For an Eye Exam?

Annual eye exams are extremely important for anyone over the age of 10, regardless of your physical health. Here at Raymond Opticians we offer Eye Exams through out all of our locations. Our Optometrists are second to none in vision care. Contact your local Raymond Optician location today to schedule an eye exam.

It is important to start your yearly eye exams at a young age so the Optometrists at Raymond Opticians can evaluate the overall change of vision and health of your eyes from year to year. Children especially need to have yearly routine eye exams –even if a problem is not suspected – to ensure normal vision development and academic achievement.

Read on to learn what you may experience during your next Eye Exam at Raymond Opticians:

Comprehensive Eye Exam

The Optometrist will perform several tests during your routine exam. These tests are performed to determine your vision correction for eyeglasses and contact lenses and to evaluate the overall health of your eye. Raymond Opticians state of the art exam equipment also allows your Optometrist to screen for eye disease including Glaucoma and Cataracts.

Contact Lens Exam

Upon request, our Optometrist will take the necessary measurements to fit you with contact lenses. Our Licensed Opticians will also train new Contact Lens wearers on proper technique for insertion & removal and Contact Lens care.

Raymond Kolkmann Sr.

Raymond Kolkmann Sr.